Must-have Items for a college student

must have things for a college student

Hostel days for a student are the best, bookmarked moments in their life. They transform their lives there. But, the starting part of those days may be difficult. Because it takes time to adapt to a new place. Must have Items for a college student could help you minimize these dreadful days. These items are selected apart from your basic needs and can make things pretty easier.

Bed Table

Bed table is a simple yet useful thing. It has a plastic/wooden board with small fold-able stand. The table might be customized for writing purpose or for computing purpose(great, if you have a cooling fan for your laptops). 

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Suitable for
  • One who likes to study while on bed
  • loves to read before sleeping
  • who never keep their table well organised
  • like to study in a crosslegged position 

Tooth brush cover

Hygiene should be your top priority in a hostel. Keeping your brush fully exposed on your table or shelf could invite germs and bacteria. Starting your day brushing with a tooth brush full of germs would disgusting. Right?

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Suitable for
  • Well hygienic person
  • One who keeps their table or shelf unorganized

Electric kettle

Well, I’m sure that you will definitely find this item in your hostel. Late night study is a usual case in a hostel (At least during examination 😀 ) . A cup of tea or a dose of coffee will keep you charged up.

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Suitable for
  • Tea or Coffee Shaukeens
  • Need hot drinking water frequently
  • Want to have Maggi, Soups etc.
  • Check the severity of cases such as using this type of high power rated things in your hostel
  • From personal experience, online purchase will be 50% beneficial than offline purchase

Plastic bag clip sealer

Hostel mess food is never found satisfied to hostelers. Hence you will end up purchasing a lot of packed food items such as chips, biscuits, namkeens and many more stuffs. If you can’t finish the entire packet, this item could be useful. Actually when you open a snack packet which is initially filled with Nitrogen gas, Oxygen gas mixes with the packet’s Nitrogen air and hence it starts spoiling your snack. Plastic bag clip sealer is an effective and cheap solution to it. Must check it out.

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Suitable for
  • A foodie
  • Buys big packets of snacks instead of small ones
  • To maintain hygiene

Rope with hooks

Congratulations, if you are joining a hostel, you are moving towards self independence. In that contrast, you will wash your clothes on your own. The difficult part is the drying one. Every room in a hostel will have ropes to dry their clothes. Let’s take it to a next level. You must check this amazing product.

  • Easy To fasten

  • Portable and fold-able

  • Anti-Slip and Windproof

  • Dries Your Clothes Faster and Quickly.

  • Two Hooks to Fasten

  • Windproof and Anti-Slip

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Must have Items for a college student

Must have Items for a college student

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  1. I use the plastic bag clip. It is good to protect packaged food from insects and ants. But the bigger insects(friends) are immune to it and can smeet any food from any room.

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