Choose Laptop India : How to buy the best

Choose Laptop India

Choose Laptop India

A gadget like a laptop needs special attention pre-purchasing it. It is obviously a huge investment which will end up on a great earning or endless entertainment. While, it is a needy thing in today’s tech world, but many people are stuck at its jargon of various components. At the end of the day, it is difficult to figure out the perfect laptop. Hence, we are ready to help you to buy the ‘worthy’ laptop with our article “Choose Laptop India”

Specify your purpose

Laptops have become so versatile that there is a lot of category in the market whether gaming or an ultra-lightweight or editing videos or coding. Yet, any laptop you buy can run the most basic stuff of the above. But you need to focus on what you will end up your time the most.
Also for many, this is a one-time investment for the next 4 to 5 years. Therefore, select the best laptop which will bind with your working.

Choose Laptop India

How heavy should it be?

Your above decision will impact the weight criteria. If you are going for a gaming one, you will definitely fail to find an ultra-light version that weighs just 1 to 1.5 kg. The fact that gaming laptops have jammed pack heavy kinds of stuff inside. If you are versatile enough that you want a touchscreen too, go for a 2-in-1 convertible laptop.

Should I select a small, medium, or large pizza screen?

The screen size could be a question for the portability of the device. A large screen size with a good refresh rate (144Hz) might be suitable for gamers and video editors. For professional purposes, a medium or small screen size is OK. Then, the resolution depends on how you want your content to be defined.


Generally, you will get a 1080p resolution.

Which processor should I go for?

A processor or processing unit is an electronic circuit that performs operations on some external data source.
In simple terms, it takes input and gives the appropriate output.
You should be firm enough to choose the right processor according to your load because if you gonna have the latest processor, it will blow your budget.
Also, processors have generation. A higher generation processor is faster than its parent version. But if the other version has more core then you need to look upon their test(benchmark).
Mostly we have Intel and AMD making processors for various laptops.
Based on the requirement and budget of the user can decide which processor suits it best.

Recently Intel launched it,s 11th generation processors.
In which i9 10th gen is the most superior one. AMD also launched 5th gen Ryzen chips.

Choose Laptop India

Steps to choose:

  1. Get a list ready for some Laptops according to your budget from here.
  2. Note down the processor models (To show an example, I’ll consider i5 10300H, i5 9300H, Ryzen 5 4600H, Ryzen 5 3550H)
  3. Google Benchmarking scores single-core scores and multi-core scores separately (In my case, I got my scores from CPU-monkey)
  4. Compare them and conclude.

choose laptop india

single core score

multi-core score

You may also prepare a graph to compare and get a clear picture.

Graph of single core score

Single-core scores can help you in gaming.

multi-core score graph

Muti-core scores help you in editing, coding, multi-tasking, and office related works.


Here, you can see that 10300H is leading in a single-core score but with not a great margin. 4600H is leading in multi-core scores with a great margin because 4600H is a 6 core CPU while the others are 4 core CPU. Going with the latest 4600H will be a perfect choice you made this day. The budget also matters, you can also go for intel’s 9th gen or AMD’s 3rd gen CPUs depending on your budget.

How can RAM impact my performance?

A RAM(Random Accessing Memory) stores your working data. Suppose you want a laptop to read or write data or present it properly, you will work with some words and numbers that (working data) can be easily stored in GB of RAM. But instead, if you are gaming or editing videos you will have data as video and commands to play and hence, your working data will exceed. Therefore, it may require a RAM of 8 GB or 16 GB depending on your data.

Should I buy a dedicated Graphics card?

If you have been researching for a while, the term ‘Dedicated graphics card’ has definitely observed by you. Well, Graphics card is not a new term. It is always there with a CPU and serves the purpose of displaying content on your screen which is called an ‘integrated graphics card’. The Dedicated graphics card is needed if you are focused on gaming, video editing, or animation creation. The need for this is due to the fact that we have reached a limit that the output on the screen should be precise, clear, and high in the definition.
We have Nvidia and AMD Radeon on the top delivering you high end dedicated graphics card.

Does SSD improve speed?

SSD abbreviated as Solid State Drives is a revolutionized storage option that uses integrated circuit assemblies to store data. In simple line, On average an SSD can perform from 5 to 20 times faster than a standard Hard Drive, depending on what the SSD is reading or writing. They don’t have to spin disk-like those in HDD and hence, are more shock resistant. SSD is costly as compared to HDD that’s just a con of it. Concludingly, SSD is a must and worthy if you are conscious about speed and a shock-resistant feature. Moreover, a PCle SSD is faster than a normal SSD.

Concludingly, I’ll recommend choosing your configuration with less RAM, or with fewer Graphics Memory but should have an SSD.


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