Best Dual Band WiFi Router India

Best dual band wifi router india with router buying guide india

Best Dual Band WiFi Router India with Router Buying Guide India

Internet connectivity has skyrocketed in the current decade in India. With the launch of JIO, internet cost per GB has reduced drastically. Every telecom company has followed up the JIO way of mingling data as packs of GB(s) per day. It definitely worked well while using a smartphone for your day to day job.

The covid-19 pandemic and its con sequenced lock-down have subsequently taught us to be more productive. As a result, people have rushed using the internet on their productive devices like a PC or a laptop. There has also seen a large increase in the gaming industry and online gaming is also pushing up its limit. This lock-down has also increased the entertainment capabilities.

For all the mighty reasons, 1.5 GB per day is not sufficient and the 1.5 GB is the most affordable pack. The telecom internet connectivity is also not suitable for all PC oriented works. Coming to the point, a fiber cable broadband connection is a must in today’s world of productivity, gaming, or entertainment.

The Internet Service Provider now refrains including the router cost in the installation charges. Hence, it is now your responsibility to buy a new router or improve your speed capabilities by upgrading your old routers.




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TP-Link Archer A6



  • Bemforming technology

  • Access point mode

TP-Link Archer C60



  • Bemforming technology

  • Access point mode

D-Link DIR-841



  • Supports Bemoring

  • Advanced Security

Tenda AC10



  • Wave 2.0

  • Gigabit ports

Tenda AC5



  • Wave 2.0

  • 1 Ghz high freq CPU

  • Awesome app UI


TP-Link A6


TP-Link Archer A6 Wireless Router


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TP-Link has consistently enhanced its devices on a particular channel. The router mentioned is the best deal under dual-band routers. It can speed up to 1200 Mbps of total available bandwidth along with stable connections supported by 4 external + 1 internal antenna also with the beamforming technology.

The MU-MIMO technology helps you keep connected on heavy usage. Easy management with the TP-Link Tether app, AP mode and one mesh functions are also features to be considered.

  • New feature: Access Point mode
  • Better Antenna
  • Gigabit Ports available
  • Nothing we could find


TP-Link C60


TP-Link Archer C60 AC1350 Dual Band WiFi Router


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The router has crossed more than 11k+ ratings on Amazon and the most loved one too. It is a 1350 Mbps router supported by Beamforming technology for superior coverage. The MU-MIMO helps you under more users or devices connected. The common features such as Parental Control and App control adds reliability to the usage.

  • 5 Antennas for wider coverage
  • Editor’s recommendation
  • Value for money
  • Nothing we could find


D-Link DIR - 841


D-Link DIR-841 AC1200 Wi-Fi Gigabit Router


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Out from the list, this router has the stylish look and design. This also comes with the MU-MIMO and the Beamforming Technology. The Gigabit ports helps you provide seamlessly fast internet. D-Link overally provides you a wider open coverage.

  • Awesome Design
  • Gigabit ports Available
  • Better range
  • not so good Web based setup UI


Tenda AC10


Tenda AC10 Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi Router


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The Router’s looks and specs are clearly designed for a budget-oriented gaming experience. It is a high-performance Gigabit with reduced response time combined with MU-MIMO technology. Its 4 x 5dBi omnidirectional antennas give a better and consistent connection while also retaining speed.

  • Good-by looks and speed
  • Best App Control UI
  • Gigabit port available
  • Nothing we could find


Tenda AC5


Tenda AC5 AC1200 Dual-Band WiFi Router


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This router is a child of the Tenda AC10 router which provides consistent speed, I have used it personally. It has a unique Wave 2.0 along with beamforming technology that ensures speed and connectivity. It has a 1 GHz high-frequency CPU that offers reliable and stable internet.

Migration of ISP User name and password replacement of router easy without login in to the web UI of the router to configure. Tenda has the easiest to understand UI for their mobile app. One major con I would like to mention is it’s not so good antennas. They are not stiff and are loose.

  • Good-by speed
  • Best App Control UI
  • Poor Range
  • Not so stiff antennas


Router Buying Guide India 2021

This Router Buying Guide India is the result of extensive research of the latest technology in every field. I hope that

The Brand

It is important to look upon the brand authenticity to connect with the trust of the brand. The most popular brands in India are TP-Link, D-Link, Tenda, Net gear, etc. There are brands that offer high-end technology at a mind-blowing price. Let’s keep them apart as I expect a budget-oriented audience. After using almost the majority of them, I can say that D Link and TP-Link provide a better range than Tenda. In terms of speed and negligible data loss, I can recommend Tenda and TP-Link.

I Hope “Best Dual Band WiFi Router India with Router Buying Guide India” is helpful.

The Mbps

The most tricky part of the topic lies here. Firstly let’s understand the misconception of Mb and MB. Mb stands for Megabits and MB stands for MegaBytes. Note that Mbps is always used for internet speed measurement while MBps will be not considered mostly.

But why focus on MBps?

While you use the internet for uploading or downloading, all measured units are in bytes like consider a song is 5 MB means 5 MegaBytes, so an ISP providing you a speed of 50 Mbps will download the file in 1 second approximately.

Because 1 byte is equal to 8 bits and can be approximated to 10 bits for the sake of simplicity. So if we are much oriented with the Bytes, our speed should also be measured in Bytes and not in bits. But, I think it is just for the sake of publicity.



While pursuing my Computer Science and Engineering degree from a well-recognized institution, we studied a course ‘Principles of Data Communications’, I discovered that it is standard practice since the 90’s to use bits per second instead of bytes per second to represent the speed of a network. But still, some find it easier to go with bytes per second.


Routers have a standard of Mbps. Well, I think it is nothing to do with the actual speed. If a WiFi router claims a speed of 1200 Mbps and you have subscribed to a plan of 100 Mbps means the router can handle 12 devices with zero speed loss.

Customers usually get confused that 300 Mbps will be enough for a 50 Mbps internet connection. Well, if more than 3 devices get connected, the speed in each device decreases.

best dual band wifi router india

I Hope “Best Dual Band WiFi Router India with Router Buying Guide India” is helpful.

The Band

There are two types of band for the bandwidth of WiFi i.e. 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz channel. A dual-band WiFi router comes with both bands whereas the single band WiFi router comes with just a 2.4 GHz channel. Initially, 2.4 GHz was the only available band for WiFi networks.

Researchers have found the 5 GHz channel can also be used for WiFi networking with a speed band of 867 Mbps which is considered better than a 2.4 GHz channel with a speed of 300 Mbps. A dual-band WiFi router contains both the band and hence a net speed of 1167 Mbps ( 300 + 867 ) is observed. But for the sake of publicity, the brands always mention it as 1200 Mbps.

The 5 GHz band is definitely a good choice because of the increase in its speed and also better penetration through walls and objects. But it has also some limitations like the range of a 2.4 GHz band is larger than the 5 GHz band. Hence, the dual-band WiFi router has two SSID(s), one for the 2.4 GHz and the other for 5 GHz.

The 5 GHz can only be used in the devices compatible with a 5 GHz band receiver and hence, old devices may not able to connect with the 5 GHz band. Also, a tri-band WiFi router is also available which will exceed our domain.

The ports

Nowadays, the router unpacked from the box doesn’t come with a modem. That’s why on Amazon and Flipkart you find this “Not a Modem”. The ISP provides you a modem that connects the Internet service with the router through an Ethernet cable.

The single available WAN port will be used in this case. Then you may use your WiFi for internet connectivity. But if you have a device with no WiFi, you may use the Ethernet cable from the LAN port of your router to the LAN port of the device.

You can also connect another router with the Ethernet cable (LAN port from the old router and WAN port from the new router) to extend your WiFi range.

In simple words, the WAN port is the input for internet service and the LAN port is the output for internet service.
The router may also have USB for a variety of applications like firmware up-gradation.

Wireless Protocols

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is a specification for a set of communication protocols to standardize the way that wireless devices can be used for Internet access.

The standard protocol for WiFi is 802.11 which is also sub-divided. Like the outdated 802.11b and 802.11g which is limited to 11-54 Mbps and is operated only on the 2.4 GHz band.

The most common protocol is the 802.11n which has a maximum data rate of 600 Mbps and operates on both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. The latest protocol is the 802.11ac which more enhanced than 802.11n and hence used in routers for gaming, heavy downloading and uploading, multiple torrents, and lag-free internet.

best dual band wifi router india with router buying guide india

The technology inside

You will also come across some abbreviations like MIMO and MU-MIMO while researching. MIMO stands for Multiple Input Multiple Output while MU-MIMO stands for Multiple User – Multiple Input Multiple Output. MIMO technology is used by routers with 802.11n protocols which use several antennas to send and receive up to 4 spatial streams resulting in better performance.

best dual band wifi router india

The MU-MIMO can handle up to 8 spatial streams and is by routers equipped with 802.11ac protocol. This also provides bandwidth to multiple devices simultaneously rather than sequentially. They can also have a technology called Beamforming which sends WiFi signals directly to clients rather than broadcasting it.

The additional features

The brand may provide you its leading features for the router like Parental control, quality of service, guest network, and many more. Parental control helps you to limit network access for certain users at specific times and days. Quality of service helps to give clients and applications network priority.

For example, you can set your WiFi specific for streaming online content rather than downloading files. The guest network creates a separate SSID and password for your guests so that your source network remains protected.


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